(b. 1971, American)

Stephanie Hudson Forsberg was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and raised in Stuart, Florida by Dale & Mary Hudson. Growing up painting on her childhood walls in her bedroom,  Stephanie graduated from Ringling College of Art & Design in 1994 with a BFA in Painting. During which she was excepted to study the first semester of her senior year with the New York Studio Program of the Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design in New York City. After graduation, Stephanie was soon married to Stephen C Forsberg in 1997 where they had three children. Living in Stuart, Stephanie began painting murals and projects for children and volunteering at local private school in art programs.

In 2007 Stephanie opened her first Fine Art Gallery in historical downtown, Stuart Florida, The Mark Fine Art Gallery.  Representing over 35 local, national & international artist, Stephanie continued monthly art opening while supporting the arts within her community. Per request, Stephanie showed a new collection of her work in 2010 with sculptor, Scott Strader from Atlanta, GA in her gallery. During the same time Stephanie was invited to show at the local Arts Council Gallery in a show for emerging Artist under 40.

Continuing to show, support and feature different Artist monthly,  the harsh economic times of 2012 closed the gallery. Stephanie since started her own website for her art The Forsberg family moved north to Cocoa Beach, Florida to support their boys passion for competitive surfing and skateboarding. Stephanie worked as an Assistant for A non-profit organization helping people with cancer and working skateboarding events. Soon after they moved, Stephanie's husband was offered a job in California fulling their life dream to live in California with their childeren. Stephanie was then asked to manage the Alva Skates warehouse in San Diego, something that has a personal interest since their son is an Alva team rider. Stephanie worked for Alva for 2 years while they are raising their children and putting her passion for the arts on the side lines. The family currently live in Carlsbad, California with their three boys enjoying life to the fullest. 

Artist CV

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1994, Ringling College of Art & Design, BFA


1992-93, National Who's Who Among Students in America Universities & Colleges 

1993, Outstanding Accomplishments & Contributions to school during academic year, Ringling College of Art & Design

Group Exhibitions

2010, Courthouse Culture Center, The Arts Council, Stuart, Florida

2010, Group Show, The Mark Fine Art Gallery & Stuart, Florida

1994, Senior Thesis Exhibitions, first exhibit,  Jack Dowd Studio, Sarasota, Florida

1994, Senior Thesis Exhibitions, second exhibit, Central Avenue Studios, Sarasota, Florida

1993, The Best of Ringling Award, Annual Juried Student Exhibition, Selby Gallery, Ringling College of Art and Design, Sarasota, Florida

1992, Sleeping on A Bed of Nails, ARTarget Gallery, Sarasota, Florida

1992, Art Auction 92', ARTarget Gallery, Sarasota, Florida

1992, "Its's A Scream", A.L.L.S. Art Show, Ringling Fine Art Student Organization, The Gallery for Lease Space, Sarasota, Florida

1991, A.L.L.S. Art Show, Ringling Fine Art Student Organization, The Gallery at Saba Plaza, Sarasota, Florida

Permanent Installation

2001, Jimmy Buffet, Sculpture, fiberglass and acrylic, Hoke Library, Jensen Beach, Florida

Select Private Collections

Brown Res., New York

Stoddard Res., Minnesota

Sasha Cooke, Wisconsin

Monzon Res., Florida

Fry Res., Florida

Jochem Res., Florida

Dr. Arland Christ-Janer, 1993, President, Ringling College of Art and Design,  Florida

Previous Profession

2007-2012, Owner The Mark Fine Art Gallery, Stuart, Florida


Living and working in Carlsbad, California




I am an abstract expressionist painter that loves paint. I create my work by layers of colors, textures and movement. Painting with brushes, rags and end up painting with my bare hands, pushing and pulling the paint to create layers of feelings or movements. It is about the energy of my whole body that I put into each piece from a quite mark to a fast gesture. It is also about color and enhancing the purity and beauty of certain tones that may capture the meaning behind the painting.